Water Mark

Water Mark plugin is an image that can be added to product pages and pictures for additional information and/or sales, such as: special sales, countdown of products in stock and so forth. The website owner can choose his/her own Water Marks to publish, the products it will appear on, etc.
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Water Mark plugin is an image uploaded to the website on pages ad product pages in order to give the customer additional information and data. It's a fast and easy way to catch the customer's attention and advertise sales, coupons, special dates and holiday surprises and so forth.

The water mark plugin is easily uploaded and used in NopCommerce websites and it is recommended to use small sizes and big sizes for each image in order to match the products sizes. (For example, on the home page the products are shown in a row and are smaller than on each product page.) This way there is a match between the water mark shown for the product.

Nop-NYCO has made the water mark plugin easy to download, edit and use on any NopCommerce website. Customers will enjoy the purchase experience with extra sales and information relevant to them and the website can use the water mark plugin to stand out and have more sales.

Product specifications

  • Nopcommerce plugin supported versions | NOP-NYCO
    Supported Versions: 4.00 - 4.20
  • Easy Admin Panel Nopcommerce plugin | NOP-NYCO
    Easy nopCommerce Admin Panel Management
  • Multi Store and Vendor Plugin Support | NOP-NYCO
    Multi-Store / Multi-Vendor Support
  • Nopcommerce Free Support Plugin Over 1 Year | NOP-NYCO
    Free Support and Upgrades Over 1 Year after Purchase
  • Nopcommerce plugin supported right to left and left to right | NOP-NYCO
    RTL (Right-To-Left) Support
  • Full localized plugin nopcommerce | NOP-NYCO
    Fully localizable and can be used in any language

Water Mark Plugin nopCommerce | Ribbon Image Extension | NOP-NYCO


1. Water Marks List - All the water marks on the website, whether they are being used or not are in this list to be edited, changed, etc.  


 Edit Water marks Plugin nopCommerce - Instructions | Nop-NYCO  

2. Edit Water Mark - 

You can define showing youe water markes by 3 types:

i. Normal - take effect for all product items.

ii. Product Mapping - only chossen product items will be shown.

iii. Conditions - Water mark will be shown by conditional logic such as: product propery value, price, quqntity, customer type and much more.

 Big Image for Water Mark nopCommerce Widget - NOP-NYCO

3. Choosing Big Picture - 

Here you pick your big format picture. This picture will be shown on the product page picture.

You can position the water mark on constant positions or customize it by yourself.

In addition, you can insert your textual content with rich editor.

water mark picture and content style can be modified by css code.



 nopCommerce Widget Small picture water mark | | NOP-NYCO

 4. Choosing Small Picture - 

All features same as discribed on the above frame, but the pictures are with small format that will be shown on product box items.

 Water Mark Conditions | Nop-NYCO Plugins and Themes

 5. Conditions -

You can defime your conditions including OR / AND logic statement.

Water marks will be shown by your conditions statements. The attributes that can be met: product, product specification and customer properties.


 Products Mappting for Water Mark | Nop-NYCO Plugins ant Themes

 6. Mapping by products -

Choose your specific products that you want the water mark will be shown on.

 Override Products Water Mark Mappgin Plugin nopCommerce

 7. Override Products Mapping - 

You can disappear products that currently not fit to water mark campaign.