Professional Popup Plugin

The professional popup plugin is designed to get the relevant message across to the customer in any way and place you choose. The pro-popup is easy to use and by adding it to your nopcommerce website you guarantee which data you need and want your customer to know.
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The Professional Popup Plugin adds extra features not seen in previous popup plugins. In this pro-popup you have 3 different mode types to choose from: product mapping, conditions and sections. In each one, you can edit the popup and its appearance on the page, choose a widget zone, match it to products or sections relevant to the subject.

The pro-popup fits easily in nopcommerce websites and lets you decide where, when and what you will give information and data to the surfers. NOP-Nyco built the plugin so you can get your message across by using texts, pictures, links and anything else needed to show what you have in your nopcommerce website.

 By using this professional popup plugin you can give out coupons, newsletter submission forms, new product pictures, etc. You can create your own campaigns and do anything that can help increase your sales.

Product specifications

  • Nopcommerce plugin supported versions | NOP-NYCO
    Supported Versions: 3.80 - 4.20
  • Easy Admin Panel Nopcommerce plugin | NOP-NYCO
    Easy nopCommerce Admin Panel Management
  • Multi Store and Vendor Plugin Support | NOP-NYCO
    Multi-Store / Multi-Vendor Support
  • Nopcommerce Free Support Plugin Over 1 Year | NOP-NYCO
    Free Support and Upgrades Over 1 Year after Purchase
  • Nopcommerce plugin supported right to left and left to right | NOP-NYCO
    RTL (Right-To-Left) Support
  • Full localized plugin nopcommerce | NOP-NYCO
    Fully localizable and can be used in any language

Professional Popup Plugin nopCommerce | nopCommerce Extension | NOP-NYCO


1. You can edit the Professional Popup features. There are 3 Mode Types:


A. Product Mapping:

i. Allows you to associate the popup with specifically chosen products.


 Products mapping for Professional Popup Plugin nopCommerce - Instructions | Nop-NYCO  

ii. Add products to show the popup on the product page.

 Popup Extension - Newsletter Baners and Much More - NOP-NYCO

iii. Edit the Popup: choose form fields, design entry effect, determine days of appearance and delay by milliseconds, widget zone and don't forget to give it a cookie name for your admin use.

 nopCommerce Professional Popup Plugin | Multi Functional Popup | NOP-NYCO

 B. Conditions: 

i. You decide in which conditions the popup will appear, whether it has to do with customers, manufacturers, categories or products. You can choose a few conditions per popup.

 Popup with Conditions for nopCommerce | Nop-NYCO Plugins and Themes

 ii. Choose your conditions with AND / OR statements, according to how you want the conditions to qualify and appear in the product page.


 Show Popup by Sections | Nop-NYCO Plugins ant Themes

 C. Sections:

i. Here you choose on which page or pages the popup will appear throughout the website and the order process the customer fills.

 Multuple sections for Popups Plugin nopCommerce | Nop-NYCO Plugins and Themes  ii. Choose the page types to show the popups in. You can pick any page from the Home page to the checkout order page. Pick the page relevant to the popup.
 Professional Popup Plugin for nopCommerce | Banner Sample | Nop-NYCO Plugins and Themes  2. Final Popup - example of a birthday form popup. It appears on the Home page after being designed, a section and widget zone were chosen, entry effect and delay were confirmed, conditions were set, etc.