Offline Chat Messenger

Offline Chat Messenger plugin allows your client and customer to leave messages 24 hours a day and promises you a steady flow of business.
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Offline Chat Messenger plugin is easy to use for you and for your customer. It allows you to receive messages from potential clients and customers 24 hours day and night. All you have to do is a one-time download of the offline chat messenger and sit back and watch the messages flow in.

Your customers feel they get good service by allowing them to leave their details for you to return to them. 

You are able to give service in your offtime hours by doing nothing.

The offline chat messenger plugin is suitable for nopcommerce websites and doesn't take up space in the website. Nop-NYCO built an easy-to-use plugin, in which you decide what details your customer will leave. Wether it's just a phone number or e-mail address, you can change the preferences all the time.

Download the Offline Chat Messenger plugin now and wait for the customers to leave messages for you. 

Product specifications

    • Nopcommerce plugin supported versions | NOP-NYCO
      Supported Versions: 3.90 - 4.20
    • Easy Admin Panel Nopcommerce plugin | NOP-NYCO
      Easy nopCommerce Admin Panel Management
    • Multi Store and Vendor Plugin Support | NOP-NYCO
      Multi-Store Support
    • Nopcommerce Free Support Plugin Over 1 Year | NOP-NYCO
      Free Support and Upgrades Over 1 Year after Purchase
    • Invoice and Reciept for nopCommerce Orders | Nop-NYCO
      Enables Standard Creation of nopCommerce Receipt
    • Nopcommerce plugin supported right to left and left to right | NOP-NYCO
      RTL (Right-To-Left) Support
    • Full localized plugin nopcommerce | NOP-NYCO
      Fully localizable and can be used in any language
    • Open source razor files nopcommerce | NOP-NYCO
      ​Razor files are open to modifications
    • responsive design for nopcommerce plugin | NOP-NYCO
      Responsive Design

Offline Chat Plugin for Nopcommerce | NOP-NYCO



 1. List of Offline chat messengers.


 Chat Plugin Edit for nopCommerce | Nop-NYCO



 2. Edit your Chat-


a). Avatar

b). Banner color

c). Banner position

d). Banner and form titles

 Chat Status and Scheduling for nopCommerce  | NOP-NYCO



 3. Chat status-

 Defines your status. 

Defines permanent status types: 'Online' (green icon) or 'Offline' (red icon).

If you want the status to be changed automatically choose your status type as 'Visible' 

If you are not willing to show the status icon choose status type as 'unvisible'.

 Automatically  Scheduling  for Chat Plugin in nopCommerce  | NOP-NYCO



 4. 'Visible' status type-

 Choose your time preferences for showing the chat status

 Chat Features  | nopCommerce Plugin | NOP-NYCO



 5. Chat Features-


A.  Choose your Offline Chat Type:

a). Phone --> Banner will be shown with phone icon.

b). Email --> Banner will be shown with smiley chat emoji.


B.  Define chat subjects. Will be shown by drop down list


C.  Sets the form fields. You can edit the visibility, ordering and if required or not.


 nopCommerce Chat Banner Plugin | NOP-NYCO




 6.  Chat Banner-

  Here you can see an example of a phone banner

 Offline Chat nopCommerce Plugin Form | NOP-NYCO




 7.Final Form-

The form will be shown after clicking on the chat banner in the footer.