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EasyCard PAYMENT MODULE (Israel)

Credit clearing is an important and vital part of online selling. With NOP-Nyco payment module through EasyCard clearing house it is simple and easy to receive payments and keep track of all financial activities. All activities on the website are secure. Note: This plugin is local only and available to Israeli websites. ** Iframe is not valid
$199.00 $130.00

Multi Slider

Multi slider plugin adds visual and designed content to the nopcommerce website. Multi slider gives many options of information, images, special messages for the customers. The plugin can appear in different forms, effects and pages.
$69.00 $39.00

My Niche Responsive Theme

This Nopcommerce theme is useful for those who want a responsive marketing website for selling products to customers. NOP-Nyco has developed this template website using advanced plugins and designs.
$199.00 $129.00

Offline Chat Messenger

Offline Chat Messenger plugin allows your client and customer to leave messages 24 hours a day and promises you a steady flow of business.
$100.00 $69.00

PDF Invoice

This PDF Invoice plugin is an excellent tool for producing fast and easy invoices per your references and business details. Now you can also produce a PDF Invoice by NOP-Nyco just seconds after receiving an order and all with one click. The order receipt is still available so you can use both receipt and invoice PDF format

Popup Plugin

The Popup Plugin gives you the option of informing your customer about new, interesting, informative things in your website, such as: special sales, shipping, products, coupons and more. You choose the time and place it will be featured.
$80.00 $29.00