This plugin integrates with iCount registered accounting software. You can create all kinds of documents iCount provides including invoice, receipt, price proposal, credit invoice, order, transaction account, invoice, receipt.
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The plugins allow to:

1. create and cancel iCount document.

2. Show and print the document.

3. Retrieve Paypal, EasyCard and cash payment details automatically.



Product specifications

  • Nopcommerce plugin supported versions | NOP-NYCO
    Supported Versions: 4.00 - 4.20
  • Easy Admin Panel Nopcommerce plugin | NOP-NYCO
    Easy nopCommerce Admin Panel Management
  • Multi Store and Vendor Plugin Support | NOP-NYCO
    Multi-Store / Multi-Vendor Support
  • Nopcommerce Free Support Plugin Over 1 Year | NOP-NYCO
    Free Support and Upgrades Over 1 Year after Purchase

iCount Configuration Plugin | nopCommerce Plugins | NOP-NYCO


1. User Settings -

 After you subscribe to iCount you need to set your company ID, user name and password.

 iCount management Plugin for nopCommerce | Nop-NYCO  

 2. Plugin Configuration -

Choose your default payment, document type and income type (you manage it on iCount account).

When you go to iCount tab on order page all configuration will work automatically.

you can choose to send email to customer on default after creating document.

Set your products prices if are including VAT tax or not. 

 Creating invoice receipt document iCount Plugin | nopCommerce Plugins - NOP-NYCO

3. Create Document -

Here is an example of iCount tab on order page.

Retrieve automatically payment details for Paypay and EasyCard solution.

You can see the document PDF file and print it.

There is also an option to cancel the document you created. 

 Payment details for iCount Plugin | nopCommerce Plugins | NOP-NYCO

 4. Payment details -

You have three types of payment method:

1. Paypal

2. Credit

3. Cash

You can edit your order payment details before creating any accounting document.