Conditions of Use

These terms of conditions constitute an agreement between you, the user, and Golden Mour VAT 039713235, owner of, with an address in 24 Hagra St. Tel-Aviv, Israel. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, please don’t use our website.

Note: Please read the User License Agreement carefully before attempting to download or use any software, documentation, extensions, templates, plug-ins, models or other materials made available under this agreement. This agreement is legally binding between you or the company you are authorized to represent and NOP-NYCO. By confirming at the bottom you acknowledge that (1) you have read this agreement, (2) you understand it, (3) you agree to be bound by its terms and conditions, and (4) to the extent you are entering this agreement on behalf of a company, you have the power and authority to bind that company.

All who download or use the software of NOP-NYCO must do so only with permission and approval. The software is the sole property of NOP-NYCO.


Owner or Licensor – means NOP-NYCO, the only owner of all software available on this website, whose rights are granted by the law of jurisdiction, including right of property, exclusive author and interest rights.

You (or “Your”) or Licensee – means you or the company you represent and are authorized to bind, who have entered into the License Agreement with the licensor.

Domain/Url – means the Internet address of a website and can indicate the country and the type of organization.

Digital Content or Software – means applications, computer programs, extensions, modules, plugins, templates, themes and other digital goods and softwares available through NOP-NYCO.

  1. Fees and Refunds

  1. In exchange for the use of the digital content, Licensee shall pay Licensor a fee indicated at the time of the order, at which time the payment is final. Licensee is not entitled to claim back the fee, in particular referring to a fault or defect of the Digital Content, unless Licensee can prove the Licensor intentionally concealed information thus. Licensor is not obligated to remove defects of the Digital Content and therefore is not obligated to compensate.

  2. NOP-NYCO shall not refund after the Licensee downloads its Digital Content. The Licensee must read carefully the description, specifications and other information related to and specified on the product page. The Licensee must test the demo. NOP-NYCO may accept refund requests after careful examination proven reasonable. Refunds will be 14 days after the Licensee receives the claim. The Licensor is not committed to fully refund and to offer explanations. The Licensor may not appeal after receiving a negative or part refund.

  1. Unauthorized Use

  1. Unless the Licensor has given authorized use and consent, the Licensee may not distribute, copy beyond the manner specified in this license agreement, modify or unmodify- in any form, such as diskette, CD, website and any other medium.

  2. The Licensee may not create or disclose any derivative works of the software, the source code and other contents related, without prior written consent and approval from NOP-NYCO.

  3. In cases when the Digital Content being purchased or downloaded by the Licensee from NOP-NYCO website contains several stand-alone parts, such as: applications, computer programs, extensions, modules, plugins, templates, themes and other digital goods, which work together in order to receive maximum intended function, the Licensee may not use these parts individually.

  4. The Licensee may not reproduce, translate or modify the source code and its forms, unless necessary in order to achieve maximum use with the Licensor’s other programs and only with parts related. This must be done by the Licensee or a person acting on his behalf. Information needed for interoperability shall be used only for this purpose and shall not be used for other Digital Contents unrelated to NOP-NYCO and shall not be used for violating copyrights.

  5. Licensor is entitled to withdraw from this agreement in the event of a violation or breach of materials, software, website and other Digital Content available through NOP-NYCO. This includes: violation of copyrights, sharing with third parties or parties not given consent to, installations in more domains than allowed, fee transaction denied or delayed. In this event, the Licensor will uninstall Digital Content and destroy copies.

  6. In cases which result in the termination of this agreement for any reason, the Licensee must cease use of all software and destroy copies in possession. Under no circumstances may the Licensor discreetly copy or send to a third party. Furthermore, if the Licensor reveals that the Licensee has a computer program or other content harmful to the technical protection of the Software and Digital Content, the Licensor has the right to demand that the Licensee destruct these programs and contents.

  1. Products

  1. Licensor is not obligated to remove defects, bugs or other disturbances, and without having to compensate. Licensor reserves the right to remove, repair and other maintenance work by decision and not by demand.

  2. NOP-NYCO reserves the right to discontinue any software and Digital Content or its components, etc. NOP-NYCO will provide support in accordance with the terms in the agreement, for all discontinued contents for a period of six months.

  3. License types:

i: Free License – NOP-NYCO grants to the Licensee this free license Software, and Licensee agrees to the terms and conditions in this agreement. This non-exclusive software is not to be transferred, copied, shared and is not exclusive without specific permission from NOP-NYCO.

ii: Single Domain License- NOP-NYCO grants to the Licensee this single domain license for use only on a single website domain. Licensee agrees to the terms and conditions in this agreement. This non-exclusive software is not to be transferred, copied or shared without specific permission from NOP-NYCO.

iii: Multiple Domain License – NOP-NYCO grants to the Licensee this multiple domain license for use on one or more website domains. Licensee agrees to the terms and conditions in this agreement. This non-exclusive software is not to be transferred, copied or shared without specific permission from NOP-NYCO.

  1. Updates and Support

  1. The Licensee is entitled to free updates of the Software for a period of 1 (one) year (365 days) from the date of purchasing a single domain license or multiple domain license.

  2. The Licensee is entitled to free support for a period of 1 (one) year (365 days) from the date of purchasing the single domain license or the multiple domain license. NOP-NYCO will issue a response, but is not obligated to issue a resolution to each support inquiry, within a period of up to 72 hours from the initial inquiry. All supports issues and inquiries are in regard to the Software and Digital Content purchased on this website. NOP-NYCO will provide technical support only for the latest version.

  1. Limited Warranty

  1. The limited warranty is only for purchases of the single domain license and the multiple domain license, and it states that NOP-NYCO ensures the substantial performance of the Software for a period of 90 (ninety) days from the date of purchase by the Licensee. NOP-NYCO does not guarantee that there will be no interruptions or errors at all times and circumstances. In any case of fatal and serious error, such as the Software disorders, interferences or does not work , as long as a third party is not involved, then NOP-NYCO is obligated to repair, replace or refund, as seen fit. The limited warranty does not apply to the following: machine error ; failure to follow instructions ; negligence or improper use ; modifications by a third party.

  1. Limitation of Liability

  1. NOP-NYCO will not be liable and responsible for any damages – consequential, incidental, indirect or special – arising from the use or inability to use the Software, even if there is a forewarning or possibility of these. This includes damages of reputations, computer failure, malfunction, commercial damages and losses and damages made by a third party.

  1. Indemnity

  1. The Licensee agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend NOP-NYCO, its licensors and any other parties related to NOP-NYCO, from and against any and all lawsuits, claims, proceedings and legal actions. In addition, the Licensee agrees to the above regarding all expenses, costs, damages and legal decisions, that may result and arise from the following: (a) the Licensee use or misuse of the Software ; (b) damages made by websites the Licensee uses and develops with regard to NOP-NYCO Software, and that may affect the a proper use of the Software ; (c) add-ons and add-on modules the Licensee develops and makes use of.

  1. Privacy Policy

  1. Please see our privacy policy in the following page

  • Supply

  1. The plugin / template files can be downloaded by the client or will be sent to client, only after order payment is recieved and not more than local three business days.